Bidet Toilet Seat Prices

Find out how much you should be paying before you purchase.

There is a fairly wide range of prices among bidet seats from the different top manufacturers. Just to give a general idea - expect to see pricing from just under $200, all the way up to $2000 (these are manufacturer suggested retail prices).

To understand what you are getting for your money, you must first evaluate your needs and then find which category of bidet seat you should be shopping in. First, the very basic bidet seats may suit your needs just fine. At the bottom end of the spectrum, it isn't quality that is comprimised, but rather a lack of "nice-to-haves". Thats being said, if all you need is a stream of water to clean your tush, you may not need all the available features of the high end models.

$100-$200 Range: Basic models from companies like Bio Bidet (check out the Simplet BB-50) attach under your existing toilet seat - they are not a replacement. These are not electronic, and you activate the stream of cleansing water by turning the timer dial; wash times are typically up to 1 minute on these models.

$200-$700 Range: Now you have upgraded to the realm of the many featured, multi-function bidet toilet seat. With bidet toilet seat prices in this range generally starting at the $400 mark, you should expect quality and longevity out of your unit. Features in this range will inlude anterior and posterior streams, self-cleaning nozzles, heated seats, warm air dry, remote or wall mounted controls, and soft close lids. Generally, if you are interested in a bidet seat, you will probably find yourself in this range. Check out the TOTO bidet, or Brondell Swash series.

$700+ Range: If you are looking for even more features, then you may want to upgrade to the most expensive models by Kohler. The core features are essentially the same, but with even more functionality. Different settings for water streams, auto detecting open close lids are some of the features you may find in this range. If you want to spend more, you might not necessarily get more. Be sure to do your research and fully investigate models in the $200-$700 range before you spend more money.

When you are researching bidet toilet seat prices, make sure you remember the list of features that best suit your needs. If a heated seat is a must, only consider models that come with this feature, and so on. Remember that you also may want to consider things like return policy, companies like Amazon may have a better return policy that the manufacturer. And finally, always check online for web specials once you choose the model you want to buy... more competition online means better pricing for you.

Bidet Toilet Seat Deals

A Bidet seat greatly improves personal hygiene, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a full size bidet.

Cleaning with water is more effective than paper, plain and simple. A bidet seat is the easiest, most inexpensive way to begin enjoying the benefits of water every day.