Bio Bidet

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Bio Bidet is an innovative company with a wide range of bidet products. Currently, there are four bidet seats available including the Premium BB-i3000 Bidet seat, Ultimate BB-500 Bidet, Prestige BB-800 bidet seat, and their top of the line model, the Supreme BB-1000. In general, the Bio Bidet bidet seats are less expensive that similar models by Toto and others.

In addition to their four bidet seat, Bio Bidet offers several other unique bidet solutions including some less expensive attachments that fit under your existing toilet seat rather than replacing it. The Simplet BB-50 Bidet, Envie BB-200 bidet and Duo BB-250 bidet all fit under your existing seat and have simple to use manual controls. These products offer a much less expensive solution, albeit with less features and more basic design. The Universal BB-300 is yet another bidet solution from Bio Bidet. This stand alone unit sits to either side of your existing toilet and only the nozzle for the aerated water stream is attached under your existing toilet seat. With more features that the Simplet, Envie or Duo, the Universal bridges the price gap between the basic models and the more expensive full feature models.

Cleansing with water, rather than paper, is more effective and gives an added level of comfort. Bio Bidet clearly recognizes this fact and their innovation clear demonstrates a commitment to producing quality products, and also some more affordable options. Many families cannot afford to spend $500-600 on a bidet system, so it’s great to see some different options from a great company.

In addition to saving trees and being environmentally friendly, bidet users fall in love with the Bio Bidet patented vortex water stream, which has been designed to clean comfortably using less water. Bio bidet nozzles offer several different types of streams, including a separate posterior and anterior spray, as well as pulse settings for each and a self-cleaning mechanism. Water is filtered and tempaerature is controlled. The spray tips are replaceable and water filters are replaceable as well.

Overall, Bio Bidet offers some exciting and affordable solutions, as well as some higher end models. If you are interested in switching from paper to water as so many others have done, be sure to check out Bio Bidet’s full line to see the possibilities.

Bidet Toilet Seat Deals

A Bidet seat greatly improves personal hygiene, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a full size bidet.

Cleaning with water is more effective than paper, plain and simple. A bidet seat is the easiest, most inexpensive way to begin enjoying the benefits of water every day.