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Kohler is one of the most well known bathroom fixture companies in the world, with a reputation for excellence and innovation. When it comes to the Kohler Bidet Seat, the bar is set high. When shopping for bidet toilet seats, keep in mind that while Kohler is at the top of the heap, their bidet seat models are also priced higher than most of the competition. But, if you like the Kohler name and want the very best for you and your family, Kohler is a safe choice that should give you added peace of mind.

Kohler offers two electronic toilet seats with bidet functionality, the Kohler K-4709-0 C3-200, and the Kohler K-4711-96 C3-100 and Kohler K-4711-0 C3-100.

The Kohler K-4709-0 C3-200 list price is about $1700,00… you will be able to save about 30% by shopping online. Expect to pay just under $600 for this high end model by Kohler from top online resellers. As with other high end bidet seats, Kohler’s C3-200 offers two spray nozzles for posterior and anterior positions. Before anything happens, a special sensor tells the unit to activate, to avoid accidental sprays at the wrong times… a unique feature to Kohler. Another unique feature is the lighted bowl, eliminating the need to turn on the light at night. The seat is heated for added pampering, and the air-dry fan has three different settings. All Kohler seats are made from durable anti-microbial plastic for added hygiene and feature the soft close lid. The C3-300 model is set apart from the C3-100 by the addition of a wireless remote control from added convenience and ease of use.

The Kohler K-4711-96 C3-100 and Kohler K-4711-0 C3-100 models are essentially the same, with the latter being an off-white rather than the brilliant white of the other models. The rest of the features are essentially the same, with the controls being mounted to the right of the seat. The remote control unit is not offered with the C3-100 models.

All Kohler bidet seats are made from antimicrobial plastics, and feature the lighted bowl, as well as the user sensor to ensure someone is present before the functions are activated. Both models require 120V, 15A, 60 Hz electrical receptacle protected by Class A GFCI, so it is important to plan for this before ordering this item. If you don’t have a proper power outlet available, you will need to have on installed by a certified electrician.

Purchasing a Kohler bidet seat is a decision you can stand behind and you feel pround to offer you family all the benefits of this great line of bidet seats, made by one of the most respected and long-standing companies in the bathroom fixture business.

Bidet Toilet Seat Deals

A Bidet seat greatly improves personal hygiene, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a full size bidet.

Cleaning with water is more effective than paper, plain and simple. A bidet seat is the easiest, most inexpensive way to begin enjoying the benefits of water every day.