Toto Washlet Seat

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Toto is truly a leader in innovation and design, and the Toto washlet seat exceeds expectations in every department. The pursuit of cleanliness is just one part of the Toto philosophy, it’s also about being green. With the average family using almost 1.5 trees worth of toilet paper every year, Toto Washlets not only save water, but our forests as well.

Toto washlet seats come in several models, but each model from the Washlet C110 to the Washlet S400 includes some common design features you should consider.

Dual Action Aerated Sprays
Toto’s patented self-cleaning dual action spray cleans your private areas comfortably and effectively. The water jets are heated, and fully adjustable.

Soft-Close Seat lid
The Washlet's seat closes quietly and slowly. Since the whole thing is made of anti-microbial plastic, it couldn't make a noise if you forced it to. Nobody likes the sound of a toilet seat lid slamming down, and Toto offers the solution.

Heated seat
For extra bit of added comfort and pampering, Toto leaves no stone unturned. The seat, water, and air (available in the Washlet E200 up to the S400) are all calibrated to body temperature. The heated seat feature is a nice touch and eliminates the unpleasant shock of a cold bathroom seat.

Even the entry level model features hand-operated controls to instruct what kind of cleaning you want. The higher end models (available in the Washlet E200 up to the S400) feature a wall mounted wireless remote, while the C110 is mounted right on the side of the device.

Cleansing Modes
Use the remote control to select front or rear cleansing angles for a steady stream of cleansing aerated water. Adjust the water pressure and temperature from the controls as well. Warm air dry controls located on the remote as well.

Warm Air Dry
A soothing, precisely aimed stream of air dries you thoroughly to keep the procedure completely hands-free. The air pressure is adjustable to five settings.

Air Purifier
The Washlet even addresses one of the more unpleasant aspects of using the bathroom, by deodorizing the air in and around the toilet bowl, neutralizing odors right at the source.

Auto Open and Close
On the Washlet S400 only. The Washlet 400 senses your presence and will open automatically as well as close when you leave. This creates even less of a possibility for germ contamination and conveyance by keeping surfaces clean, and protected from feline friends looking for a dirty drink.

Self Cleaning.
After each use, the cleansing wand retracts, extends, and sanitizes itself automatically, eliminating the need for you to clean the device yourself.

The Toto series Washlet seats truly are a step ahead of the rest with a focus on design and performance. With so many extra added little comforts in addition to the cleansing benefits of their dual action sprays, Toto is a great choice for a bidet toilet seat. With Four models available, you will find a unit you can afford that best suits your needs.

Bidet Toilet Seat Deals

A Bidet seat greatly improves personal hygiene, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of a full size bidet.

Cleaning with water is more effective than paper, plain and simple. A bidet seat is the easiest, most inexpensive way to begin enjoying the benefits of water every day.